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Not just about alphabetizing the spice rack

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As a certified professional organizer, I become more and more aware that organizing is not just about alphabetizing the spice rack. As the the professional organizing industry continues its prominent media placement on TV shows and magazine covers, another movement, “eco or green” is becoming more and more mainstream. This eco-lifestyle trend is becoming more of a necessity than just an alternative lifestyle.  Complementing the organizing field, the eco-movement fits like a hand-in-glove with the organizing profession. Reduce, reuse, and recycle has always been the mantra of organizers, and many organizers already tout this eco philosophy; however, they fall short utilizing it to its full potential. What makes an “Eco-Organizer” stand out in the industry is one that will promote lifestyle changes that revolve around healthy eco- friendly products and behaviors.  Understanding consumer habits and what and why we buy is a passion of mine.

Organizers are a witness to the impact of consumer goods within our homes. If approached with a creative and realistic plan, the organizing industry can have a powerful effect on present and future consumer habits all across the world. What we buy and how we live is all connected.

When we change an individual we change a room
When we change a room we change a home
When we change a home we can change a family
When we change a family we can change a community
When we change a community, we can change the world.
People don’t just buy stuff; they assume responsibility for the stuff.

When I attended a NAPO conference several years ago and listened to our keynote speaker, Peter Walsh, explain in detail the story of the plastic bottle.  He explained that we might want to start examining our buying practices because they have incredible global ramifications. This really got me thinking that there must be a better way to take my business to the next level.

As an environmentally aware organizer, or eco-organizer, I teach clients that they are also responsible for their consumption patterns. These patterns not only have an impact on their home, but also on the planet. I believe that in the future, our organizing industry will be at the forefront of changing societies consumption behaviors. Currently, organizers tend to be very involved at the back end, after the damage is done, people call us in. In the future, organizers will have an increasing role at the front end, impacting our client’s consumer choices and habits.  Already, buying in bulk is a trend that is getting less and less attention, and we see the many benefits in terms of found storage and items no longer thrown away due to expired or unwanted goods.

Organizers teach our clients that organizing is a systematic process that builds new habits, and that daily lifestyle changes occur when we feel good about what we are doing. Getting our clients to adopt a deeper level of responsibility by introducing eco lifestyle changes can and does have direct global implications. This may not be the right approach for every client, but for those clients that resonate with the concept, it can bring about a greater respect for our industry.

One hurdle to get past our client’s mindset is the misguided notion that going green costs more and complicates one’s lifestyle. The greatest resistance I face in any session is resistance to change. I can help by showing my clients that by eliminating excess, not only with their physical clutter but also in electrical and water usage, money can be saved. They can wrap their heads around “what’s in it for me” a lot more than why it’s good for future generations. Approaching eco philosophy from this angle has generated a lot more interest.

One other misconception is that people think they will be giving up one’s lifestyle by going “green”. As an eco-organizer, it is my responsibility to promote that the change is not something they must do all at once, but as a process, very much akin to an adopting an orderly lifestyle. Small steps create big impacts. It is my greatest hope that in the future, the professional organizing industry can promote green in many shades, to meet our clients desire in adopting a more responsible future for generations to come.



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Guest Tuesday, 23 January 2018

"Hi Eileen,

I Just ordered a copy of your book - looking forward to reading it.

I transferred from Touro law and graduated from Brooklyn Law last year. I'm working for a legal software firm right now and just took the bar exam.

I like the concept of your book and I'm sure I'll get some good things out of it. I have used some of the organization ideas that you taught me to achieve some great results. Honestly, the hours I spent working with you were in some ways more valuable than the thousands of hours I spent learning cases, statutes, and procedure in law school. I would have been totally overwhelmed without your help. I have always remembered the concept of "putting the big pieces in first" and have been applying that with much success in law school, work, and life. To study for the bar exam, which was this past week, I made flash cards in three different sizes, with the most important concepts on the "big cards" down to the fine points on the small cards. This was extremely useful, especially on an exam where you have to be really fast in your responses because time is working against you. I totally credit you with breaking that down for me - the analogy of the rocks in the jar was the best way I have ever heard that explained. Thank you for that and I hope that you are doing great. Glad to see you won a NAPO award and I'm looking forward to checking out your book.

All the best and God Bless,

- Don