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Eileen was born and raised in the suburbs of Houston, TX. Even at a young age, Eileen showed a knack for eliminating clutter and bringing order (and consequently, happiness!) to people's lives.

As a teenager, her favorite store was The Container Store, which at the time was just a small mom-and-pop shop on Hillcroft Avenue. She was an avid customer, always buying organizing items for her friends and family. Eileen attended the University of Texas at Austin, earning a B.S. degree in Home Economics (with a concentration in child development) and a minor in interior design, all the while organizing her friends' dorm rooms for fun. Soon after college she met and married Wayne Koff, and proceeded to apply her organizational skills to the momentous task of raising their three boys, Ian, Evan, and Keenan. Eileen's family moved around, settling in Bethesda, MD for a number of years. In Bethesda, she served as President of a parent cooperative whose focus was to evaluate and provide side-by-side comparisons of over 60 Bethesda-area pre-schools, in order to assist new parents in choosing the best place for their children. In addition, under Eileen's direction, the cooperative offered organizational services to the pre-schools, assisting with everything from administrative filing systems to bulletin board arrangements.

In 1992, the Koffs made their move to Long Island, and Eileen's organizational talents and aspirations took a backseat to establishing a new home and community. Then one day while watching TV, Eileen came a across a show highlighting a current NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) member, and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. All the skills, talents, and ambitions that she herself possessed were being channeled through this national organization; professional organizing had become a business, and it only took Eileen about 30 seconds to reach for the phone, call the advertised NAPO number, and become a member.

Eileen immediately understood the value of volunteering for NAPO and she has served as their Publication Chair and editor of NAPO News, as well as project head for their education committee helping to develop courses for their 4,000+ members. Eileen received the prestigious “Golden Circle Membership” designation in 2003, celebrating the five years distinction in the professional organizing business. She received her C.P.O.® certification in June 2007, in the inaugural class certified by the Board of Certified Professional Organizers. “The program of certification for professional organizers acknowledges the importance and value of standards in our industry. The CPO® contributes to those evolving standards, and represents the epitome of competence, ethics, and professionalism,” says BCPO President Audrey Lavine, CPO®.

Eileen is a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) in which she completed the Chronic Disorganization Level II Specialist certification.

“Eileen has spearheaded implementation of green organizing techniques.”

In the area of Eco-organizing, Eileen has spearheaded implementation of green organizing techniques throughout Long Island. In recognition, NYC based Green Irene company promoted her to their position of Practice Leader. She speaks nationally to professional organizers seeking to incorporate a “greener or eco-organizing” specialty into their businesses. Her topic, “Green and Orderly” was presented at the 2010 NAPO conference and she was honored to have been selected to be part of the “ECO” panel in the 2013 NAPO conference. That same year, Eileen was awarded “Best Green Service” by her peers at the national NAPO–LA gala.

Since 2007, Eileen has been Faithful Organizer’sEducation and Devotion director. Between 2012 and 2015, she was the organizing columnist for Christian women’s magazine Just Between Us. In 2013 Eileen’s first book ”Organize His Way—A Christ Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life” was published, and Eileen’s new path spurred her to create Eileen Koff Ministries. “Organize His Way” bible study has been taught in various US locales and the word of this unique study is receiving transforming testimonies of lives changed.


Eileen's greatest asset is her ability to look at even the most hopeless scenario and then see past it, visualizing the solution. She puts her clients at ease and makes them feel excited about finally restoring order and control to their lives, eliminating the chaos, and reintroducing peace and tranquility.

Contact Eileen now for professional organizing services. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Contact Eileen now for professional organizing services.
Give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Dear Amy-

We are happy to write you about Eileen Koff.

Both of us are musicians and teachers; Dorothea Cook is a violinist who teaches in the Community Music Programs at Stony Brook University, at the Knox School, and has a private violin teaching studio; Peter Winkler is a composer and professor in the music department at Stony Brook.

We live in an old house filled with the residue of many years of family life. We had read many books about organizing, but we really needed the hands-on experience of working with a wise and thoughtful professional to turn our good intentions into reality.

We met Eileen Koff at an open house at Innovative Nutrition, the health store in Setauket, and quickly decided that she was what we had been looking for.

Eileen doesn't do your organizing for you. She is a teacher, and a very good one.

One of her important lessons is that it's not just about organizing things. We are learning from her that to be organized, you have to understand yourself, your values, what you love, and what your true priorities are. Sorting all that out isn't always easy, and it can require some serious soul-searching.

The organizing process involves both tangible and intangible things; it involves time-management as well as decisions about what to throw out, what to keep, and where things go.

Like all good teachers, Eileen can sometimes makes you a bit uncomfortable, as she challenges your old habits and ways of doing things. But as she says, it takes the eyes of a stranger to help you see your surroundings as they truly are.

The transformation of our house will not happen overnight, but Eileen is teaching us skills that we will be using for many years to come. Best,

-- Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler