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When choosing a mentor it’s advisable that he/she be well seasoned in the organizing industry. Are they accredited?

Do they have an education in professional organizing?

Do they just have experience without accreditation?

Are they able to transfer their educational techniques to you in an interesting and fun way?

Do they give back to the organizing profession by volunteering?

Can they provide references for you to check?

This mentor thinks these are important qualities in choosing someone who is going to lay the foundation for your business, and give you advice that you will use for many years to come.

Everyone is unique and every one brings to the mentoring sessions different strengths. It is my firm belief that capitalizing on those strengths is what will make you unique. Even before we begin, my first assignment is asking you to figure out why organizing is your passion and what type of organizer do you dream of becoming. You can specialize in home staging or you can become the master family organizer, or you can develop your niche as the student organizer; just to name a few. Creating forward setting goals are vital to propel you from having a great idea to one that you actually put into practice.

Each session is an hour and can be done either face to face if you are within driving distance, or it can be done virtually. I also provide email support between sessions. You will also receive vital educational information prior to each session and I recommend getting a binder.

If this speaks to your heart and you want to know more, please call me at 631-553-0068 or e-mail me at It is my hope and prayer that at the end of my career I will have mentored and produced quality and excellent organizers passionate about our amazing industry.

"Hi Eileen, Gee, we seem to keep meeting when you're being recognized for an accomplishment (last time I saw you were LA Awards in January, remember?) What can I say - you're an amazingly productive human being AND volunteer in both ICD, NAPO, and probably other places....and you write books in your SPARE time....I bow to this kind of time management genius and admire your contributions and your ready smile. Thanks for what I know are years and years of cultivating excellence within NAPO News, and thanks for shepherding your committee to new levels by assuring the smooth transition to new leadership. It's a pleasure to see each new issue of NAPO News keep getting better and better (not to mention more graphically attractive). Thanks for all you have done and all you still do for NAPO. We're all the better for your contributions.

See you at the next time you're being feted/recognized/awarded an honor - a Pulitzer? Booker Prize? not sure all the honors out there for editors and writers but I suppose that's what is next for your biography....:)"

Kate Brown
NAPO Director Board of Directors

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One night as I was searching for ideas for creating my business website, I ran across your website To The Next Level. As I was reviewing your site, I noticed that you had a tab Becoming a Professional Organizer. To my surprise, this was a mentoring program. I had always wanted to teach by someone who had years of experience and credibility. I contacted you the next the day to talk about the mentoring program and then I met you in person to discuss the details. One thing that struck a chord with me was your passion for teaching others about the business. You also wanted to know what was my expectations for pursuing this program.

Your mentoring program really helped me to define who I am as an organizer and how I wanted my business to be perceived by prospective clients. Each of the session was well organized and cover many of the important aspects of the business. You taught me the importance of understanding the client's needs and goals to achieve their vision. You emphasized that it is always about the client. Eileen, you were always willing to answer my questions especially when I did not understand something. You also share many important product resources and reading materials for the profession. As a mentor, you shared experiences and mistakes about situations that I may encounter in running my business which has been quite helpful to me. I have been able to utilize a lot of the skills taught in your course with some of my current clients.

After taking this course, I feel that I am able to lay a solid foundation for my business to meet the needs of future clients. I would highly recommend Eileen Koff's mentoring program. It is well thought out, inspiring and an excellent foundation for you to take your business To The Next Level.

- Patricia Campbell

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