Virtual Organizing

In the day-to-day world of professional organizing, much of our professional time is on-site sessions. We are there with our clients to instruct, educate and hold hands as we guide them on their organizing journey.

However, sometimes having someone in the client’s home is just impossible. The client may work crazy hours, have limited resources, doesn’t live in an area where an organizer can come to the house, or they’re just plain afraid of having a stranger come and sit on your “can’t find the chair” home. I get it.

Virtual organizing and on-site organizing is much the same.

We are there but through your computer screen. We educate in the same manner, we help you through the same process, and we ask you the same questions, the benefit is that the client is doing the work …and learning at lightning speed.

No longer are you alone, no longer will you be unable to make decisions, no longer will the clutter continue to accumulate.

Maybe you can relate to the following that I hear from my virtual clients:

  • I would love to bring an organizer into my home, but I can’t take off for a 3-6 hour session. My life is way too hectic!
  • I’m stuck! I’m pretty good in most areas of my home, but there is always that dumping room. I can’t seem to get this one done.
  • I’ve tried to hire an organizer, but no one is in my area.
  • I need accountability. The only time I’ll exercise is when I’m meeting a friend or have a trainer planned. I need someone to be accountable to, so I do what I say I want to do.
  • The only organizers here are relatively new. I want someone with loads of experience!

What can you expect when you work with Eileen?

My sessions last an hour, and we meet once a week, and yes, there are requirements I need from you.

An initial phone or online consultation via Skype to discuss your organizing challenges and goals.

We will tour your home or office online video/webcam.

A customized step-by-step plan of action to organize your space after each session and the goals to accomplish during the week.
You will need to:

  • Eliminate the distractions during the sessions. No children, dogs, or other interruptions (phone included).
  • Commit to at least four sessions in the beginning. Being consistent is the only way to make lasting lifestyle changes, and learn organizing skills.


How does this work?

We meet once a week via SKYPE or Facetime video and discuss immediate goals. We make a plan for the upcoming week and discuss scenarios for getting your goals accomplished. All sessions are one hour in length.

Need organizing help?

Bring order and peace of mind to mind to your space and life today.

"I was a bit reluctant to hire an organizer to help me do what I believed I could do myself. It felt overly indulgent.

But to my surprise, having just one session with Eileen helped me to see that her services were invaluable. I needed someone to be witness to my chaos and help me get myself back in order.

Organizing the outside of my life, really helped to calm down the inside. The most amazing change is that after six or so weeks, things still look neat and each item has a place. We started in my bathroom and now when I walk in, I don't have the overwhelming, 'How can I possible tame this stuff' feeling. Rather, I walk in and I sigh with relief!"

- Harriette Rovner Ferguson

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