To The Next Level, a certified professional organizing company on Long Island NY was founded on a simple principle: help people reach a new level of order, peace, and happiness in their everyday life.

At To The Next Level, we provide you with a skilled, compassionate and discreet professional; one who works side by side with you to help manage your clutter and ensure you reach your goals.

If you're frustrated, angered, saddened, stressed, or just plain tired of not knowing where anything is or where anything goes, let our professional organizing team work with you to bring your home, business, and life To The Next Level!

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How to Confront the Clutter and Remove the Stress It Creates

I had the pleasure of sitting with Dr. Doni Wilson, a recognized expert on stress and stress-related illness and author of Stress Warrior and The Stress Remedy.

Here are just a couple of the many highlights she shares in dealing with her own personal encounter with clutter and the stress it created in her own home/office.

  • Clutter affects not only our spaces but it also creates unseen stresses with the relationships that dwell within the spaces.
  • Upon completion, she realized for the first time in ten years the freedom from her own stresses that the stuff had created.

Watch this insightful interview as we talk about the workings of organizing your space and living with less stress.

"It has been a year since I first heard you speak at my Church Mothers Group.

I instantly knew you could help me get out from under the paper prison I was in! I knew I needed extra help, so I attended your paper clutter seminar and armed with your easy to implement solutions, I went to work.

I now have a system that I still depend on a year later. I am moving in a month and so many times in these past months I have said "I know exactly where that is" and there it was. Receipts, appliance warranty's, the house deed, you showed me how to create a place for everything.

Thank You for sharing your gift with the rest of us! I look forward to having your expertise as we set up my new home."

- Marybeth Ermmarino

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